Profile Configuration

Tell us more about you and your current training regime.

Are you a man or a woman?

Men and women require slightly different micro nutrient balances.

How old are you?

We'll increase certain supplementation as you get older.

What is your weight in Kg?

If you know it, what is your % body fat?

How many hours per week do you currently train?

Are you carrying our periodisation?

Periodisation involves breaking your training up into periods of different intensity. The process is designed to help you reach peak performance on race day.

If you are periodising your training, what phase are you currently in?

Do have a rest day each week from training?

If you do have a rest day, which day is it?

Do you typically feed whilst training?

For example, using sports drinks, gels or solid food.

Do you have any allergies we should be aware of?

This is to ensure we only suggest recipe kits that you can eat!

If you do have an allergy, what is it to?