Veggies are the star of the show in the recipes we create. The meals can stand alone, or if you like, you can add meat. We aim to keep them simple for those on the go, but interesting enough to keep you on your toes.
We hand pick and pack just the right quantities for the meals you order each week.
We use top quality veggies from suppliers that serve top London chefs and test our recipes in home kitchens.


We post your THUD boxes using the Royal Mail so they arrive with a 'thud' through your letterbox each week.
This means you can sleep well at night knowing that a) you won't have to wait at home for your delivery and b) we are not putting more trucks on the road.
The box fits through most letterboxes: It's 4cm high and 18cm wide. Price includes delivery.


You cook delicious, healthy meals each week.
Decide how many people you want to cook for, either 2 or 4 and choose a THUD Veg Box.
We provide the recipes, special veg, herbs and spices and send you a ‘larder list’ at the end of each week so you know what’s on the menu and can pick up a few extras bits from your local shop for the following week.
We aim to keep the extra ingredients to items that you’ll either have at home or can easily find in a local shop.

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