We deliver the freshest seasonal vegetables and special ingredients for you to make delicious healthy meals every week.
Eat more veggies and have more fun!

from £8 a box



We hand pick and pack just the right quantities...

We hand pick and pack just the right quantities for the meals you order each week.

We use top quality veggies from suppliers that serve top London chefs and test our recipes in home kitchens.

Our team aims to create recipes that are full of veggie-based goodness; simple for someone on the go, but interesting enough to keep you on your toes.


We post your THUD boxes using the Royal Mail...

We post your THUD boxes using the Royal Mail so they arrive with a 'thud' through your letterbox each week.

This means you can sleep well at night knowing that a) you won't have to wait at home for your delivery and b) we are not putting more trucks on the road.

The box fits through most letterboxes: it's 4cm high and 18cm wide.

Price includes delivery.


You cook delicious healthy meals every week...

You cook delicious, healthy meals each week.
Decide how many people you want to cook for, either 2 or 4 and choose a Recipe Veg Box.
We provide the recipes, veggies, herbs and spices and send you a ‘larder list’ each week so you know what’s on the menu and can pick up a few extras bits from your local shop.
We aim to keep the extra ingredients to items that you’ll either have at home or can easily find in a local shop.

New ideas every week

Simple flexible sign-up...

Simple flexible sign-up with no obligation beyond the coming week. Sign-up by Sunday midnight to catch our Tuesday posting, and then expect your box on Wednesday* when you get home.

Amazing fresh veg...

Amazing fresh veg with colours and varieties to delight your senses. With our Amazement Guarantee we’ll give you your money back if any ingredients are not of satisfactory quality.

All the veg you need with no waste...

We provide all the veg you need with no waste, because our simple recipes use up all the contents.

We minimise packaging by putting most ingredients loose in a recyclable cardboard box, packing it by hand so everything fits snuggly. For some ingredients we use a small amount of thin plastic film and/or wax paper to keep the moisture in or out.

We deliver anywhere in mainland UK and NI...

We deliver free anywhere in mainland UK and Northern Ireland using Royal Mail.
We pack your THUD box on Tuesdays each week. Your box will almost always arrive on Wednesday (Royal Mail have a 93% next day success rate) and if it hasn’t arrived by Thursday we’ll give you your money back.

Avoid waiting at home...

You shouldn't need to wait at home because the box will go through most letterboxes (it's 4 cm high, 18cm wide and 45 cm long).

If you have a narrow letterbox or a cage behind, you can give us special delivery instructions so that your postman knows where to leave it safely.

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